Lollie being attacked by a Plover


Can you believe it? - 2 posts in 1 day? Mum says she is tearing her hair out over this video stuff ... well, whatever her excuse, it suits me just fine.

What we are going to show you now is my most favourite  thing in the whole world. It is where mum takes us to walk when we are good dogs, or when she feels like running, 'cause she does some fitness training there. I wished she would do that more often, it would help with her Agility AND give us more walks.

Anyway, mum says in other places around the world the dogs are not allowed to run like we do here, and she thought it may be fun for you to see what we get up to on our walks. I must say, mum only allows us to run so far because we really are very good dogs, and we do come when she calls us ... well, most of us do most of the time anyway.

You will see how dangerous our lives are here in Africa with the vicious Plovers - you have no idea what we have to endure ... you will see. The picture above really isn't very good, but I suppose it was quite hard for mum to get one in the first place.
But other than the plover chase, we are just being dogs on the video. Of course you can easily see that Allez and I ran the fastest and the most. Well, Allez runs so much, she hardly ever is in the picture! You can also clearly see that fat Cassie just can't keep up with me or the plovers and even Flocki is getting slow. But in fairness, Flocki just needs some inspiration to get her going. With the right incentive she can be very quick. She even manages to catch birds. Mum is not impressed when she finds out, but we usually don't tell her, and when she finds the feathers she doesn't know if it was the cats or us dogs ...

So, hope you enjoy our little dog walk in Africa.