On Monday morning the humans had breakfast - nobody asked me if I wanted any ... but at least we were allowed to come with mum to the breakfast room. Yep, the Austrians are very polite to their dogs. We were allowed to go almost everywhere with mum, even if some places required some very odd arrangements (more about that later). After breakfast we all went shopping. Everything was just around the corner, so we all walked and had a good time checking out the neighborhood. Although us dogs weren't allowed into the supermarket or the other food shops, the shopping was very worth while. Mum bought us some really nice veal bones. She said those we would never ever get back home, so best to enjoy them. They were really nice and crunchy but soft and had lots of meat on them still. Different to what mum gives us back home, but very nice and definitely better than the cubes. Some more walking and mum showed everyone the local pet store, which was a hit whichever way you looked at it. We got yummy treats and stuff and the other humans bought all sorts of leads and toys and things. Mum tells me the others went back almost every day to buy even more things!
In the afternoon we went off to the dog club in Hohenemms who had invited us to come and train with them. I suppose they really just wanted to see me, but realized they had to invite the whole team in order to do so. It was a really good afternoon. When we arrived our large dogs were already training and by the time we got ready they were finished, so we had all eyes on us. Our large dogs traveled separately and also lived in a different hotel which was a shame. However our hotel didn't have enough space for everyone. I must tell you, the equipment they use over there for Agility is quite phenomenal. It has a rubber surface and is great to run on - no danger of slipping. Chippy and I both agreed that we felt really good on it, even the first time we went over it - no problem at all. And the floppy tunnel was great - not this heavy stuff we get here, but a very light weight tube - I do hope we get one like that in SA. The club had set up a course from one of the World Champ judges. It was very interesting, but both Chips and I coped beautifully (as expected of course). After our rounds mum took us into a little forest nearby and we continued our Agility training there

Later in the afternoon the Canadian Team arrived to train as well. I checked out the competition very carefully. There wasn't a single dog as pretty as me there, so that was OK. In fact they didn't have a single Pyrenean on their team. Our human team members were very excited, because Susan Garret was on the team and they got to talk to her. She is a very good handler (so they tell me), but I kept at a safe distance, 'cause she likes to put her dogs into crates. I think I had had enough of crates at that point and rather stayed with my mum.

I have to tell you that one of the Austrian Team members was there as well to train a little, but most of the time he took pictures - as I said, I am not terribly fond of paparazzi, but Walter is REALLY good. He took some amazing pics and the best thing was that you didn't have to sit still or anything, he took ACTION shots - my type of guy. Mum promised as soon as we get them she will put them up on the web site.

Later that evening we had dinner there. Mum was very kind and shared her Wienerschnitzel with us. It was very good - freshly made there and then.I hope we get invited like that frequently, I quite like Austrian food. A lady was playing the Zitter. Mum says it is a very unusual instrument and very hard to play. All in all we had a great day - our humans were happy and so were we.

Hold your breath for the next installment of our journey ....
Love you all