this time round I have some bad news.
My brother managed to break his toe and is in heavy bandage.
No, of course he can't remember what happened, and nobody else knows either, but one minute he was fine, the next he was on 3 legs.
This will throw him really back in his training, and I will be so much better than him at the World Champs - he really could have done with some serious work in these weeks, instead he is being molly-coddled by mum. Mum of course is devastated, even though the Vet told her not to worry, it seems a very clean break and should heal well.

Trust my brother to get into trouble *again*.

Mum says he probably won't even be able to do the dancing in 3 weeks time and that is such a shame, because we have a judge all the way from the USA here to judge the competition and mum says the venue is really, really nice. So, I will just have to save the family honors again and give a smashing performance. Well, Quincy is also performing, and mum says she is far more advanced than I am, so she will probably get better scores all round and I mustn't be too sad. In fact Allez and Cassie are also dancing.
Mum practiced with us today with the proper outfits and Allez had a lot to say to mum's costume. I am not sure if she liked it so much, or if she didn't like it, but she couldn't even concentrate on her moves she was barking so much. Mum was not very pleased and said she has to practice some more with the costume, but she is cross, because the costume is not very warm and it is freezing here at the moment.

Me, well I am not fazed by mum's costume at all. And you should see how pretty we both look - I wear my godmother's special pink Rhinestone collar and a really flashy bandana that matches mum's waitscoat and mum wears a pink hat and a pink blouse. We both are very "glittery" - well we *are* dancing to "Rhinestone Cowboy". Mum *promised* to put up pictures and even a video of us.

Well, that is all from me again
Need to practise some dance steps

See you soon