Yes, you read right, I am now a Champion, and my official name is: Ch Wesavi LaLollita
Mum was trying to explain to me what that means. She said it just means that she found 5 people who agreed with us, that I am just the most beautiful girl they have seen - at least the most beautiful Pyrenean Shepherd girl. Quite honestly, I don't know what there is to celebrate - doesn't *everyone* think I am the most beautiful girl anyway?

Mum seems very pleased of course. It's another piece of paper she can stick into my scrap book and one to frame and hang on the wall, and she tells me, because I was born and bred here in this house with mum, she gets another certificate to say that she "bred" a Champion ... do you know how many trees got killed for all that paper? Instead of killing trees I just got a really nice treat when I came home from the Show .... I must say, if that is how they treat "Champions", I like it :-). I hope they keep it up ... or do you think that I have to become *another* Champion for the next really yummy treat? Sort of like training - a treat for every click/Champion?

Well, the good news is that I am on my way for the next title.
On the same weekend (am I great or what?), I won a CC in Dog Jumping. So mum needed to explain this to me again.
She said if I win, and I have a clear round, I get a CC. I need 3 of those to become a Champion ... that doesn't sound too difficult, does it?
Dog Jumping is a little like Agility, but we have a Jump-off. All clear rounds go into the Jump-off. On Saturday I almost had my first CC, but Ricki beat me by 0,6 seconds - yes, 0,6 ... I can't even blink that fast I don't think. Mum was very pleased. She said Ricki is a very good Sheltie and we did really well to come that close.
And then on Sunday mum almost lost it. Bella had entered. I don't know why mum worries so much. Bella is almost as old as my real mum Quincy. Sure she is still really fast, and she takes those turns very sharp, but hey, you think I can't beat an old lady? ... Well I did, and I did it in style. I was the only clear round - didn't even need a Jump Off. Mum was disappointed, she said she enjoys the Jump offs.

So, I had a really top notch, super duper weekend - a new Champion and another in the making.

And something else is in the pipeline, 'cause mum is actually doing quite a lot of training with us ... hmmm, lets see when I can write the next update for you

Everyone train hard and don't forget to have FUN
Love Lollie