Hi everyone

Mum was doing her little "happy dance" today. She received the invitation for the South African Agility Championships for Allez, Chippy and myself for the end of May. Of course I knew I would be invited - I mean, who wouldn't invite me? Well, mum says it is not a matter of being cute, but you have to be GOOD to get invited - so, I wonder what the problem with that is? Of course we are good!
Recently we were at a fun competition - with lots of horses around. We know horses, so it wasn't a big deal, it was still kind of odd to have horses jump in the ring next to you - did you know that horses also jump? Wedwo never jumps over hurdles, I wonder why not? Anyway, all these horses jumped - the jumps looked really big.  
So on Friday we had the first round and .... Drumm rolllllllllll ...... I won! Yes really. I beat Benji and Chippy. the picture shows us with our rosettes. Me in first position - I kind of like the way my ears are back on that picture - don't you think it suits me? ... Next to me is Benji and the pretty one on the other side is my brother Chippy. ... Oh, mum just says dad saved the picture in the wrong place on the computer so you will have to wait for it to be posted in a few days.

Then on Monday we were there again and we would have easily won, except for the fact that mum ran into me - No really - full blast - it totally confused me. One minute she was moving one way and the next she just swivelled into me. I have no idea what she was thinking. I was in fact in mid air over a jump and there was just no way I could accomodate her, so I crashed into her legs - of course I was completely startled - I had to sit down for a moment. I know mum is not the smartest or the fastest on those Agility rounds, but that was kind of the cherry on the top. Well, good sportsman that I am we continued anyway and came second.
Mum said she was sorry, she was too late doing what she wanted to do - hmmm - I never guessed. Anyway, she said the last competition was the big one and we lost out on the big trophy because of that mistake. Overall though she said I did really well and we were nice and quick.

Oh, and you noticed my pretty collar on the picture? Thanks for asking, yes, I agree it does suit me and shows my coloring off to perfection. The reason I was wearing it was that I finally did my first freestyle demo .... yes, yes, yes, yes :-). And people were soooooo complimentary, they thought I was just marvelous - OK, mum was also OK, I think she does better in freestyle than in Agility actually.
The demo was kind of fun. We did our cowboy routine which was of course very appropriate at a horse event. Mum said I did pretty good. I only had to check things out around the ring once or twice.  The problem was that *I* knew that the ring was ours for the whole performance, I was just not sure if all the people sitting around the ring knew that as well. I had to keep an eye on them just in case someone would have decided to come into the ring - can't watch these humans enough, they always come up with the strangest ideas. But luckily nobody put foot inside the ring and we could finish our routine peacefully.

I will sign off now, but keep an eye out, I will be back soon, 'cause I have got some more things to tell you.

Love you all - sending you kisses