Hi again

This week has been so busy, busy, busy.
There were no shows on the weekend, so mum had lots of time to just take us for long walks around the dam where we can all run and also to play with us. Like this morning, where she invented a new game ... I haven't yet caught on to it, but if we play it a few more times I am sure I will. We were doing Agility mum was trying to race me to the next jump - suddenly she went flat on her tummy and was sliding forward on the wet grass. It looked ever so interesting, but it slowed her down even more, and as I said, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to have done. She was lying quite flat and quite still ... maybe this is a new Agility Dance and I was supposed to jump on her back? I think she was upset that I didn't understand the game, as she got up and stopped playing :-(. I wished humans would be a little clearer with their instructions. They can be so confusing, even to someone like me.

In fact humans are really odd. Last weekend I think mum was bored and she took it out on us. We got brushed and washed and brushed and dipped and then brushed some more ... I have no idea what got into her. Anyway, when each of us was finally finished, she kept saying how beautiful we are. Now this confused me. What has the brushing and washing got to do with beauty? We are beautiful anyway - well at least I am, and hence I am even more confused. Is it really necessary to state the obvious? And as far as some of the others around here are concerned, are you alowed to lie so close to Christmas? Lets face it, some of my friends here are a little short changed in the beauty department. My dog mum tells me they wouldn't even be allowed to enter a beauty competition - I can understand why! But mum says it's because their mum forgot to tell someone when they were born, so the humans didn't give them a piece of paper. I think that is just an excuse, I think they, well, are just not pretty enough for a beauty show. My mum Quincy of course is really pretty. She even has a certificate to tell everyone how beautiful she is. It hangs on the wall. I sure would like one of those certificates so it could also hang on the wall and I could look at it every day. Imagine "Champion Lollie" - I think that has a nice ring to it. I wonder if Chippy could go to a beauty show? Of course he is a boy ... do boys go to beauty shows?

Another thing that happened this week is that my humans finally saw the light and decided that they want to learn how to herd. No really, ... I also thought it was quite a clever thing to want to learn. They chose a bad object to start with though ... they wanted to herd our Koi fish in the pond.
At least that is the only explanation I can think of why they kept going round and round the pond and got the fish moving from one side to the other. Of course the 2 of them weren't very good at it and the fish did just as they pleased and I decided I needed to give them just a little lesson on how it is being done. Quackie the duck just waddled down the lawn and I herded her right into the pond. I was very pleased with myself .... but my dad got so mad at me ... and I have no idea why. It must have been jelousy, because he can't herd as well as I can. He shouted really loud and I got such a fright and hid between mum's legs. I know she will protect me. Dad kept shouting and shouting - if he would shout half as much while he tried to herd, he might be more successful at that. Ok, so the duck was missing a feather or 2, but you have to make sure they respect you, esle you end up like my 2 humans and the fish, where the fish are still in the water and are doing exactly as they please.

My mum says I must get off the computer now, because she has to work ... and what does she think I have been doing until now? Who would keep this web site going if it weren't for me? But nobody acknowledges anything I do around here ... well, I better sign off I think I heard my dad get ready to inspect the property ... can't let him do that without my supervision, he would probably not find back to the house ...

Until next time