Well, just when I thought the year had started off badly with no new entries and nothing going on - here is mum giving me this surprise - my very own guestbook! I think it is just fabulous and exactly what a celebrity like me needs. My picture is not the most flattering (shhhh ... don't say I said that ..... my dad took it, and it was a very hot day ....), but at times it is good to see that even the most gogeous girls can have a bit of a bad hair day.
To be honest I don't like photography much. 2 days ago mum was hunting us down with the camera again. She said she needed some pictures for the pedigree page. Well Chippy is soooo easy to deceive - all you need to do is wave a stick in front of his face and he stands there like he was getting paid for it or something - it really is quite embarrassing. Well me, no. Me they have to convince that it may be a good idea to take a picture of. So mum got grumpy and said she couldn't use any of the pictures she took - I suggest she try some photo course or something if her pictures are that bad!

Anyway, please sign my brand new, glitzy guestbook, I would love to hear from you.

As always, love to you all