It has been a long time. A lot of exciting things have happened recently.
Last weekend we had the South African Agility Championships. It was really cool - finally lots of action. Mum says we didn't do our best, and we have some training ahead of us - Yeah! Training ... you think she will eventually figure out that I only make those mistakes so we train more? Benji became SA Champion again ... the 4th year in a row - quite something. And it was tight, 'cause all the fast dogs from the Cape were here to compete against us. Mum says we had moments of brilliance and were second in one of the rounds, but the rest we didn't do so well.
Anyway, the SA Champs were not our brightest hour. Chippy and I still managed to get into the Team for the World Championships. Mum says we are only allowed to run the Team event, not the Individual rounds though  ...

On Sunday we had the FCI Agility Show here and I showed mum that I really am in top shape. I won the CACIAG (another one of those pieces of paper, but mum says this one comes all the way from Belgium especially for me - imagine that!). And overall we were Reserve Dog (that combines the Jumping and Agility), as well as Reserve Best Jumping (Non-Contact) Dog. Chi beat us in both categories, but mum says that is OK, after all Chi is a double World Champion!

I have been doing really well lately in my Agility and we have almost collected enough papers to become a Champion - still need one more mum says, but there are quite a few shows in June, so you can all hold thumbs. Chippy is lagging behind us a little. I think he and mum are cuddling too much, he doesn't drive enough - he better shape up, I can't take such a slow coach team mate with me to the Worlds.

well, this was my news for today, hope mum lets me back onto the computer soon, as I have some freestyle news as well.

Love you all