Picture: Melissa Wilson

Hi again

I know we said I wouldn't update you every day, but we had such a great weekend, I just *have* to report back.
First off that fluffy thing up there is my brother Chippy ... ya, ya, I know, we look nothing alike, poor chap can't help it that I got the brains *and* the good looks. But he really is my brother and we are all terribly proud of him today ... boy did he kick butt at today's show! We have a class called Dog Jumping here, which runs over 2 rounds. That is you have to go clear in the first round and then you are allowed to go to the jump-off. Now we, Chippy and I, jump in the lower hights, because we are much smaller than the Border Collies. However, the judge today left the same jump off course for all the classes, irrespective of whether they were more advanced dogs or novice dogs and we all ran against each other, so we could compare our times against the "Big Boys". Oh boy, did they get a rude awakening ;-). My brother Chippy was the fastest dog today. He beat all the Border Collies who think they are so wonderful. Yep, that is my brother - he really did good today.
Me, what about me you ask? Well thanks for asking, but we didn't make the jump off today - purely mum's fault of course. She sent me into a tunnel and then ran ahead and asked me to "catch up" with her. Of course I did - what a question, but hey, the fatsest way to catch up is certainly not jumping over a few jumps in your way ... :-(. She should make up her mind, we either play "catch me" or we jump, but as far as I am concerned we can't do both ... So, that was us in Dog Jumping ... mum! always something for her to learn.

The rest of courses all went my way. I learned a new word today. It's called "Cleaning up". Mum said this weekend we "cleaned up". First I was a little confused. I know mum cleaned up when we were puppies and we had accidents in the house (not that that happened very often of course). Then I understand she cleans up when she rattles the dishes in the kitchen. But now it seems when she gets lots of her favourite ribbons she is also cleaning up ... sigh ... these humans and their words. They are very confusing at times.

So, we cleaned up. I had to jump in my first "big" class in Non-Contact Agility. I handled it like a pro (of course, what did you expect?). Mum was really nervous, not sure what that was all about. I gave her a little kiss at the start and told her to just show me were to go and make sure to *RUN* and not dawdle and we would be fine - and so it was. I won my class, what can I say? Even beat my friend Cassie who entered "just for fun", because she really is in Large, but she is so fat at the moment that she doesn't get over the big jumps - GROSS! How can you get so fat? I mean I also like my food, but certainly wouldn't let myself go like that! I try to make her run around with us in the garden, but she isn't too interested in that either. Anyway, Cassie came second and Benji third. Benji is OK, we quite like him. He looks a lot like Chippy actually.

Chippy still ran in the lower class in Non-Contact and easily won his class with a clear and he now has enough Qualifications, so from now on he is also alowed to run with me in the "Big" class.

In the contact I won as well ... you guessed that much I assume? We got 5 faults. the judge said I missed the contact ... mum says she is not sure ... these humans ... me? Miss a contact? Why would I do that? Anyway, whatever that meant, I still won. .... "Simply the Best, better than all the rest, better than anyone ..."  (you know the song I assume, I really like it, suits me I think ..) :-)
I beat Chippy who didn't have a great round - I am not sure what happened actually. Mum and Chippy have a funny way of running - I can't understand what the 2 are doing. Chippy seems to be so far away from her all the time. I keep saying he needs to stay closer to mum, but he tells me to mind my own business, and he runs like that so he can go a bit faster. He thinks that once the 2 are more of a team he is going to beat me ... Ha! Can't wait to see that!

Allez also got some prizes, but her ear is really bothering her at the moment and she wasn't running very fast. I watched carefully, she really needs to put a little effort into that. Those Shelties that she is competing against just leave her standing ... not good, not good at all - it refelcts badly on our team ... need to talk to her about that.

Oh, our dad was there today. He is sort of a funny chap really. Didn't even greet me properly, just has eyes for my mum (that is my real mum, Quincy). She even told him off a few times, but he still wanted to be friendly with her. He is very good looking - looks just like me. I hope we see him more often now at Shows. Human mum took some pitures of all 4 of us, but I told you yesterday already she is a bit technologically challenged. when she figures out how to get the pictures off the cell phone onto here we will post those.

I need to get going now,
will check in as soon as we have some more exciting news.