Hi everyone

I am back!
Well, I wasn't even gone of course, just my mum, she was gone for a while - important trip she is trying to tell me, but I am not sure what could be so important that we couldn't all go with ... Anyway, she is back and things are coming back to normal.

I meant to write this some time ago already. I owe a HUGE Thank you to my 2 friends Liz and Melissa ... well, they are really mum's friends. But if it were not for them you wouldn't have any of the great pictures here on this web site, because with few exceptions they were all taken by these 2 tallented ladies. So agian, Thank You very much.

And to show you how much fun Liz can have with her camera when she is here, I will attach 2 slide shows - one of Chippy and one of myself with our latest freestyle tricks. And that should answer any of your questions, whether we have actually been *doing* anything ... yes we have and mum says I will be ready with my routine for our big WCFO competition in July ... I have no idea what that means, but we sure are having fun at the moment.

We are also playing with Agility. Mum brought a new toy home - it's like a tunnel, but also like a sock and great fun to run through. Mum says we should have learned that a long time ago, so we are catching up with that one.
And then there are still those poles ... oh wey ... I really don't see the point of those, and just when I thought I had it, mum goes to the wrong side and it is all so confusing all over again ...  
I think we should just leave them out alltogtehr. Agility is so much fun without them.

Well, I will sign off again, please enjoy our slide shows.

Love you all