I am so tired, but I just have to tell you a little about this weekend.
You have no idea where we went. We went to see our Fairy Godmother. Mum says we are very priviledged to have a Fairy Godmother, and she knows of no other dog who has. In fact she says, that as far as she knows FGM only exist in fairy tales ... but Chippy and me, we are so very special, we even have that. Just after we were born she sent us our first presents - we got a whole box of puppy gifts. The box was MUCH bigger then the 2 of us combined. In fact we used it for some time to go and hide in it was so big.
So this weekend we went to visit her. She lives really far away - way behind the clouds, so we had to fly to get there. It was all very exciting. We spent some time at the airport with mum - I think she was very nervous poor thing. She even bought a muffin for us ... we don't usually eat muffins, but hey, it was a nice change anyway. And then we went into our crate and off we were whisked into the airplane and away into the clouds. Both Chippy and I fell asleep - flying is really no big deal, it is just like driving in the car, except that mum isn't there with us ... I would have liked her to be there. But at least there is nobody else there either, so Chippy didn't get all upset about people sticking their faces into our crate. On the other side mum was waiting for us already, so it really is no big deal to fly. Our Fairy Godmother (FGM) picked us up from the airport, and you won't believe what I am telling you now, but we have another house - yep, right next door to FGM. It is really nice, because we have a small garden and then a very big garden, which we have mostly to ourselves, except when others come to visit. It is the same story, mum tells me we just stayed as guests there, but I don't get this "guest" thing. If I eat and sleep in a place it is MINE - and we stayed there for 5 days .... I think they say in law possession is 9/10th of ownership ... well there you go. The house is ours. And this trip was even better, we got a car as well - yep - a very nice car. Actually, a SUPER car, 'cause it had a whole crate full of dog toys in it.
It was the first time that our FGM saw us in real life (naturally she was impressed with us - naturally) and she allowed us to go into her toy warehouse. She has a HUGE, an ENORMOUS, I mean a REALLY big warehouse, full with dog toys and dog stuff ... and some cat things, and some bird things, and even things for fish ... Chippy and I were allowed into her magic warehouse and we got stuff given as gifts. You have NO IDEA what she has on those shelves. Chippy got toys ... well, you know Chippy, he likes that sort of thing. I got a dumbbell. Mum says she will now teach me to retrieve properly and we will video it and it can go onto the website ... maybe if we make a video of it I will retrieve the dumbbell ... maybe. It sure is pretty - bright yellow - you will see it on the video, I know you will like it.
But my very best gift - my best, best, best one is a new collar. I didn't believe my eyes when I saw it - it is a pink leather collar with diamonds on it. Boy it is pretty and it really is just made for me. Mum said she will take a picture of it and I can wear it for my freestyle routine next month. When I wear it I feel like a true princess. Chippy also got a collar ... his has also got diamonds on it, but it is black ... I guess it suits him. He actually looks quite smart in it, not at all like my little brother. 

We spent a whole weekend there. Mum said we are preparing for the World Championships ... I like preparing for the Worlds. Mum says we will see our FGM once more before we go off - I am so excited. The only thing I don't like is her dog. She has a really scary dog ... no, I wasn't scared, but I could have been. Her name is Flexi and she has a mean black face, and she kept looking at me. Mum said she is a Malinois and that she is a very sweet dog and took a lot of nonsense from me, especially since we were in her house. I don't know what she means by that. All I did was bark at Flexi to go away. But the more I barked the more she just looked at me. There was nothing sweet about her as far as I could tell. Mum has odd ideas about dogs sometimes. FGM also has a Pyrenean boy called Euro ... I think Euro really fancied me. I of course gave him the cold shoulder.I don't flirt with just any boy that comes along. Mum says Euro is really very well bred and in fact he is some distant cousin of ours ... he does look like Chippy, I must admit. He is just a lot bigger. He is also quite famous - he does advertising work, but not on TV like Quincy, he does it in magazines and now he is even on a label for animal toys. Anyway, I was far more interested in all the training and the fun Agility we did this weekend.
I don't know, but I think FGM also arranged all the Agility. this was the best weekend Chippy and I can remember - it was even better than the SA Champs weekend. We had 6 shows over 3 days and I got to do 12 runs. That was so much fun.  Mum says I was very good ... she says Chippy was also good ... we lost count along the way, but I  missed only 1 contact all weekend and I got *all* of my poles right - each and every one of them. I think we DQd twice - but mum says it was her fault ... well, *of course* it was her fault. Anyway, overall she was OK. There were times when she was pretty fast actually, but at times I had to yell at her to move on .... I wonder if she will ever understand the Agility game. Chippy was good too. In fact he managed to get all the contacts, but he had a bit of an issue on the first day with the poles and then he popped out on the last gate once .... but other than that, mum says we did much better than at the SA Champs and that we will now do even more training so we are ready for a big indoor competition in July. You see, we were really good and we tried our best, but we never got any of those papers I was telling you about some time ago. I think mum is pretty sad about that. There was a little brown dog at the competition and mum says he is phenomenal ... OK, so I am *also* phenomenal I think. Anyway, mum says she thinks he is truly world class and would give anybody a run for their money. Unfortunately they don't know who his parents are which is somehow important to humans and that is why he can't come with us to the World Championships. Look, don't ask me exactly what his parents have to do with running Agility, but I keep telling you that humans are very odd at times. Our team mate Emma was also there and her friend Levi was also really good this weekend. Mum kept saying we have to catch the Beagle, but I never saw the Beagle when we were running, so I am still not sure where we were supposed to catch him, and anyway, it would have been mum who would have prevented us from catching him, not me. 
So, all in all it was a great weekend and we got prizes and ribbons, but non of those pieces of paper. Mum says we will train even harder now. She says the little brown dog (who's name is Whisky) was an inspiration (well, I have no idea what mum needs inspiration for, but that is what she said).

I must go now.
We will load some pictures and I will tell you some more stories about our wonderful weekend later.

Love you