Hi there

well, well, well, it is hard to believe, but mum actually managed the picture upload from her cell phone.
So, here is the promised family picture and 2/3 of the total South African Pyrenean population.
Let me introduce you to: (from right to left) my brother Chippy, myself, Lollie, our mum Quincy, our dad Zen and the little human is Zen's young mum Caren (Zen has 2 human mums! Boy must that be exhausting, trying to keep an eye on everyone!).

And how was the weekend you ask? .... My mum says it was a "mixed bag" ... whatever that means. I don't know what she is complaining about, she got lots of ribbons again, so that should make her happy. We won some dog biscuits and can you believe it dog shampoo!!! What is next? Has anybody told these people that getting a bath is NOT fun? If I would have known what I would win, I think I wouldn't have tried so hard! Did I try hard you ask? Well, of course; I really always try hard. It is just sometimes mum makes so many bad mistakes that not even I can get us out of trouble.
I did get mum round the contact course quite well. She kept nice and tight ... and boy was it a tight course, at one point I was sure she had lost it, but it seemed to have been right, because we won and got a Qualification. That means that Chippy and I end the year completely equal ... well as far as Agility is concerned anyway.
In the Non-Contact mum obviously couldn't make up her mind. We went round the same few obstacles twice ... obviously I knew where to go, but it seemed mum had changed her mind half way through the second loop and wanted to go the other way ... How was I supposed to know that she wanted to change things? Anyway, I went the same way again, which apparently was not how we were supposed to have gone. If I tell you that Chippy did the same thing, does that make you believe me that it really wasn't our fault, but clearly mum's? I think this highlights my continuous problem with her very nicely. At times she cahnges her mind so quickly and totally unexpectedly  ... Chippy and I are really doing well to cope with her the way we do.
However, what I have to admit is that mum was MUCH quicker. She was almost always ahead of me. I think I must thank Sharleen, mum's friend, for showing her how to run faster. It took me 2 years and I still couldn't get through to her, but Sharleen managed in just 2 sessions ... imagine if I were her dog how awesome I would be! ... That was mean, I really love my mum and wouldn't want to be anybody else's dog. Mum just needs to learn a bit more about this Agility game. Especially the Dog jumping round she really, really messed up badly. She first ran with Allez and did so well, and then, when she ran with me, she just lost the plot. She said she lost concentration when she saw that I was very close to her and needed to change her plan ... loose concentration? In less than a minute that it takes to run around a course you can't keep your concentration? I ask you!!! Anyway, she almost fell on top of me and I just managed to get away from under her feet and knocked the jump ... I was lucky I wasn't hurt!

It was a fun show again, and Chippy was allowed to jump inwith the small dogs again. He did really well. Not as well as last week, but very well nevertheless. We are waiting for the official results, but I think he was the 4th fastest dog overall. The first 3 were Border Collies. One was really fast, she was over 1,5 seconds ahead, but the other 2 were all within the same second as Chippy. He is good my brother :-). Of course he had a problem on the tight Agility course again ... you know what I am going to say, don't you ? ... yep, stay closer to mum I say ... but nobody listens to me around here.

I must go now, mum says we must do some freestyle practise

I still need to tell you about a really embarassing thing that happened last week though. I hope to get back on the computer in a day or so

Bye for now