Life is not fair, it really isn't.
I get little enough time to talk to you all on this blog and now I have to use my precious time to share it with the new arrival in our house. 

Welcome Fanie Waldi

Mum says I must be gracious. He was found roaming on our road by out neighbour and then rescued from going to a shelter by dad. Needless to say we tried to find his owners, phoned all the Vets in the area, the shelters, etc. etc., but nobody claimed him. How sad is that?
He is, well, here the sentiments go different ways. Mum and dad think he is a Dachshund. Our friend Liz (who happens to breed Dachsies) says he is a "Hoad" ... that is a "Hint of a Dachsie". As for me, well, I think he is a dog - and I must admit, at times I find him quite entertaining. He sure has worked our household out quick enough. He is way younger than I am, mum thinks he is only about a year old, maybe even less.

Mum and dad couldn't agree on a name, hence he has a double name ... Dad calls him Fanie, but mum says where she comes from, all Dachsies are called Waldi - so she wants to call him Waldi, but dad objected. Now dad still calls him Fanie (that by the way was one of South Africa's top Cricket players ... for those of you across the pond Cricket is something, sort of similar to Baseball - sort off). Mum calls him "Fanie Waldi", but she pronounces it "Funny Waldi".

Waldi is already working on his Training Levels Program. Mum says his recall will be a challenge, but other than that he is a very sweet, smart and willing boy ... No, no, not as sweet, smart and willing as *I* am of course, but for a Dachsie quite sweet ...

Mum says pictures are c o m i n g ..... (we heard that before haven't we?)

So, have a great week everyone
Speak to you soon - kisses to all the boys out there