I have made videos of each of the puppies doing area searches for their food bowls.
The game is very simple. Their bowl with some food in it is hidden in a slightly rough area of the garden where the grass is a little longer and we left fallen leaves, twigs and even the odd branch or two lying around to help hiding the bowls. In theory there shouldn't be any other animals there, but today Waldi escaped and was running around (he knows that he is not allowed to come and do the search though), Priscilla the cat decided to check things out, albeit from the top of the fence post and Obi ran up and down the fence behind the camera. So the puppies had to work really hard.
We have been playing this game for about 1 week now, and they love it. Chanel initially was particularly good at it. In today's video she is still the quickest by far, but both Nina and Lacxi show that they really now what they are doing. What is nice to see is even when Nina was badly distracted, she kept focus and kept going.

We are playing this game as a precursor to future nose games of all types, which all my dogs love.