Yesterday was a very exciting day for the puppies and a totally new experience. Johann Theron of the Animaltalk Magazine came to take pictures for an article they do that features Pyrenean Sheepdog (among other breeds). He first took action shots of Chippy, followed by a few portrait shots of Lollie and then lots of puppy pictures.
This one Johann posted on his facebook page this morning :-)

Johann wanted some action shots of the puppies running across the lawn together and suggested Anthony hold them and I call them across the lawn - remember they are exactly 5 weeks old! I doubted very much that that would work with such young pups ... I should have more faith in my babies :-) ....They didn't just have one or 2 races, but a whole bunch of them - even though one or 2 sometimes did "detour" ;-). I was so happy with their little reacalls - 5 weeks old and being called away from another person to run a good 5-6 meters to where they were called!
However, the action shots would be the "easy" part of this afternoon. The hard part was to get the portrait shots. After all, how do you tell a puppy this age to" sit "pretty", sit still, prick your ears, look interested and look at camera, but most importantly - "stay" exactly where we left you. As you can see from the picture, even this was not too much to ask :-). It seems Wesavi dogs come "pre-programmed" ... :-)

They all did sleep very well afterwards ;-).

It was great working with a professional animal photographer. Johann knew what he wanted, but he also knew how much he could expect from the dogs, especially the young ones.
As soon as the article is out I will post it here.