Pierre went to his new home today. For people who frequently breed this may not be such a big occasion, for Anthony and me it was terrible. We have been on tranquilizers since yesterday and despite the chemistry I was crying my eyes out ....still am.
And yet, this is such a wonderful story.
When the puppies were about 4 or 5 weeks old a friend phoned to ask if she could come for a puppy fix and some "puppy breath". Well, of course. When she arrived she sat on the floor in front of the puppy pen and I went to open the gate. I explained that 1 of the puppies is very cautious and will sit and check things out and then come and join, whereas the others will just come running out. No sooner had I finished the sentence, as Pierre - the puppy who was supposed to sit and check things out - came running out of the pen and jumped straight into my friend's lap and remained there. I was quite speechless. We both laughed and I told her that she has a new dog. She laughed it off and explained that with a very sick husband this was not the time for her to get a puppy. It was a friendly, joking conversation, nothing more, but the puppies behaviour was seriously out of character.
4 days later she phoned me to ask if she could bring a friend to see the puppies - of course - the more people the better.
I was still busy in the kitchen when they arrived but told them to go and let the puppies out to play, I would be there in a minute. When I came into the room, my friend was quite white. She said the same thing had happened again. Pierre came running to her, jumped into her lap and sat there.
We all went away with our own thoughts.
My friend phoned me and asked if the puppy would be available and if I could give her a few days to think about this, as she did not think this was the best time for a puppy in her life, but she felt that Pierre really chose her. Not wanting to sway her either way, I just commented that perhaps a puppy is *exactly* what she will need to get through this year.
A few days later she decided she was taking him.
She came to visit at least every second day. Brought blankets with her other dog's scent on them, cat beds with her cat's scent on them, toys, dog food and lots of time playing with Pierre. She also brought her 2 dogs over so Pierre could meet them on his home ground before moving in with them. He was always happy to see her.
When she arrived today to take him home, we were all in the kitchen. As she came into the kitchen he went running to her and lay on her feet - he was ready to go to his new home.

He is a fabulous puppy who got an amazing new owner. He will have a wonderful life with her and she will have the most adoring friend in him. Good Luck little Pirri