This will be a blog of "catching up".
Firstly, let me introduce the wonderful dad: Aneou, who lives with his owner Isabelle in Switzerland.

For more pictiures and to see this amazing little dog, go to Isabelle's website:
You all knopw Lollie of course, but just in case you want to have another look, she has her own blog (sort of, when I take the time) and this is a new picture of her

and now ... drum roll ... the new stars at Wesavi:

  The firstborn - 11.12.2011, 23.30; a harlequin (merle) boy

The second puppy, born 12.12.2011; 00.20; a black girl

Number 3; born 12.12.2011, 00.30 ; a black boy

last one, 12.12.2011 ; 1.30; a harlequin girl

The last puppy was the largest by a long shot and I had to help Lollie a *lot* to get her out. It also took me quite a while to get her to breath. All in all the most traumatic birth. The easiest by far was number 3. In fact we had not even noticed that he was born, had it not been for Lollie licking "something" excessively (I still thought she was trying to clean herself!). In the meantime it was the little boy who had made an entrance all by himself.
The first 2 both came out feet first and with a little help but no problems.

For easy reference, until we have decided on names, the puppies are: HB for halequin boy, BG for Black Girl, BB for black boy and HG for harlequin girl. Although by now, it seems pretty sure that HG, which may as well stand for "His Girl", because Anthony has fallen head over heels in love with her, will be "Chanel" (that would be the Chanel as in Coco Chanel of course).


A week later, 18 December, these photos were taken as part of our christmas card photo shoot


Almost a week later (24th December) HG got gastro and we had to rush her to the Emergency clinic on Christmas Eve. The picture with Lollie (below) was taken before we knew about the gastro, but you can see on Lollie's stressed face, that *she* already knew something was very wrong with her baby.

It was also on Christmas Eve that the first eyes opened. Both boys were ahead of the girls.


The gastro spread through all the pups, but everyone responded very well to the medication and were as hungry as always.
2 days later on 26 December I saw and caught the first "sit" - this time the girl was first


This brings us almost up to date - not quite, but we had a very heavy storm with hail and lightning earlier and of course thunder (the puppies slept right through it :-)) and I think it is coming back, so I better log off.
Watch out for the next update, as there will be the first videos of the puppies moving around.