I am reporting that the puppies have “discovered” real food and I couldn’t get their little faces out of the dish this morning :-).

This is quite an achievement, as I have been trying to get food, other than Lollie's milk into them for some time and they were just not interested. I have a fairly good imagination and I tried everything I could think of - singly and in combination. But bar a few polite licks, I had firm decline on all my "cooking".

This story is not as rosy as it sounds however. I am in serious depression and have decided to no longer operate the kitchen ….

Yesterday was an overall hectic day – just one of those that hit us from nowhere occasionally. I was in a rush and growled at my husband that *he* could also do a few things occasionally … (well, you know how we all sometimes have *those* days … well *I* have those days ….). Anyway, he said I should tell him what to do (- phew, not the right thing to say either, he should *know* … Ok, so you get the picture of my general state of mind yesterday ;-)). I told him to try and give the puppies some food. He needed to be told “how” to cook the porridge, how “much” yoghurt to add, “which” dish to use … sigh. Anyway, next thing he calls me to come and have a look.

There he was feeding the puppies tiny strips of *ham*, which they gulped down and he couldn’t supply fast enough !!! I was speechless and was about to say that the salty ham can’t be good for them ….., but I did manage to bite my tongue in time ;-) and was very pleased to see them eat with such enthusiasm.

I had tried *everything*, I mean *everything* that one would normally feed a puppy. Of course “ham” wasn’t on that list, I mean who feeds ham to a puppy??? ;-)

This morning I started with ham, which they devoured, then moved on to cooked chicken breast and raw rabbit mince and as I said HB never took his little face out of the bowl, followed by BB and the girls tucked in too, if a little less greedy.


I think Lollie will be pleased when the suckling stops and she can get back to being a working dog, although in the past few days she really seems to enjoy playing with them, something she has not done before (video, I know, video ... :-))