We had mum Lollie, granny Quincy, uncle Chippy (Lollie's brother) and of course the puppies in the garden together.

They definitely are starting to develop little identities.

Granny loves to play with the puppies and Lollie is getting more and more relaxed about it (previously we had to "sneak in" some time without Lollie knowing about it ;-))

The boys like to have some time together - BB, HB and Chippy

Even Chippy's toys are interesting (most things qualify as toys for Chips, this was a stick he brought along to play with). Just look at BB's coat how it has grown, and what a lovely ruff he already has :-).

and when Chippy moved, it was time to follow (I admit, I have a total "thing" about Pyrenean butts - they are just too cute, don't you think? :-))

BG heard that we have a nursery, so she though best to start early and offer some help

.. no, its not a mole, I promise, its a puppy ... :-)

Chanel in the meantime worked out that what we actually have is a flower business, so she thought she would check those out rather than getting her pretty coat all dirty like her sister ...

And each one is trying hard to find their niche as future competition dogs.
Chanel clearly is going to be a freestyle star - she is already practising her "wave"

... or was that "hide your face"? Well, then lets try the "wave" again ...

BG clearly sees herself in the breed ring

If BB is practising his Agility, maybe someone should tell him that "lengthwise" across the bar is not required ..

And Lacroix? Is he going to be our tracking dog?