Photo: Liz Chamberlain


This is my official "Championship Portrait" - gorgeous isn't it?

Sorry, I am not available to be purchased or to be bred (well, eventually hopefully I will have pups, but right now I am too busy doing other stuff). Please do not harass my mum with inquiries - else she may just take my picture off again and I would hate that to happen ... I know, it's terribly hard to resist me, you'll just have to be strong

Sending kisses



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Update Easter 2011

Posted by Lollie on Sunday, April 24, 2011,

My goodness, how time flies.

I realise I haven't been here for a while, but I didn't realise it has been quite this long.

In the meantime I am a  4 Time Champion mum says we are working towards "Grandchampion" status (whatever that may be) and we are in fact also working in a completely new discipline. I'll have to post a picture, else you won't believe it. It is, shall we say, a change from our usual high activity events.

Thought I would share that I am lying joined 5th overall after th...

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Left a Double Champion - returned a Triple Champion

Posted by Lollie on Tuesday, August 10, 2010,

We have just returned from our super-duper Agility "weekend" in Bloemfontein. I say "weekend", because in actual fact it is 4 days of non-stop action. Mum says it is the second most important weekend of the year and Chippy and I gave a first class performance. Bloem (short for Bloemfontein) is a leisurely 4 hour drive from home and we left already on Thursday. When mum started to pack we just knew we could go as well - it was so exciting and I told everyone at the top of my voice how I was ...
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Trying to be an artist

Posted by Lollie on Sunday, June 20, 2010,
No, no, this is not me. Mum is trying her hand as an artist! This is supposed to be the silhouette of a Smaoyed. Now why she didn't start with a decent dog, like a Pyrenean I don't know, but anyway.

If you have any comments or sugegstions for improvements feel free to write to me, I will pass the message on - promise. You can also follow the "arty" discussion on, Shirley Chongs (usually strictly training) list.

Speak to you soon

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SA Champs and AWC Finals

Posted by Lollie on Tuesday, June 1, 2010,
It has been a long time. A lot of exciting things have happened recently.
Last weekend we had the South African Agility Championships. It was really cool - finally lots of action. Mum says we didn't do our best, and we have some training ahead of us - Yeah! Training ... you think she will eventually figure out that I only make those mistakes so we train more? Benji became SA Champion again ... the 4th year in a row - quite something. And it was tight, 'cause all the fast dogs from the Cape we...
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Top Dog 2010

Posted by Lollie on Friday, February 5, 2010,

So, who's




Need you really ask ?
Me of course - Me - Me - Me

We won this Competition last Saturday.
I won both the Dog Jumping AND the Agility. Mum says we were lucky in the Agility, 'cause I didn't touch the Dog Walk - you know, you can't do everything when you are in a hurry. Anyway, Marco was close on our heels, but he got a few time faults (see, rather jump off the Dog Walk and make the time, 'tis what I always say, it's just mum doesn't agree with me, even t...

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The year has finally started in the show world

Posted by Lollie on Monday, January 11, 2010,
As the titel tells you our dog show year has finally started. Good thing it is as well, else my mum will loose the last bit of condition she has left and will just collapse in a little heap.
Anyway, Sunday we had an Open show. It means that it isn't really a very important show and people can enter on the day and everything is quite laid back. I ran Agility, Non contact Ag and Dog Jumping. I am pleased to say I am still queen of Dog Jumping - although I have ommitted to tell you something .....
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Happy New Year

Posted by Lollie on Monday, January 4, 2010, In : Jan 2010 
Hi fans ...
Hope you all had a smashing ending to 2009 and are full of energy to start the new year.
Here things are looking up. Mum, despite nursing a cold actually spent some time with us over the past few days doing "stuff".
Chippy and I are leaning to "back around" mum. I have basically got it - of course if mum were clearer I would have had it a long time ago, but with the handicap I have I am doing the best I can. Chippy is a bit slow. I think his problem is that he really likes to back ...
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Best Of The Best

Posted by Lollie on Thursday, November 19, 2009,

Well, I am not going to say it - but time is just flying and my World Champs entries have still not been completed ...
In the meantime all my hard training has paid off and mum is really on a roll. We are the BEST OF THE BEST 2009 Medium dog and runner up overall behind a mean, fast Border Collie. Chippy is Reserve behind me and Benji is third. Here is my lovely winning picture with the 2 blond boys left and right of me (they both look pretty miserable don't you think? ;-)

That's all for tod...

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Agility World Champs - part 3

Posted by Lollie on Friday, September 25, 2009,
On Monday morning the humans had breakfast - nobody asked me if I wanted any ... but at least we were allowed to come with mum to the breakfast room. Yep, the Austrians are very polite to their dogs. We were allowed to go almost everywhere with mum, even if some places required some very odd arrangements (more about that later). After breakfast we all went shopping. Everything was just around the corner, so we all walked and had a good time checking out the neighborhood. Although us dogs were...
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Agility World Champs - part 2

Posted by Lollie on Friday, September 25, 2009,

Of course we are in fact already BACK home again, but in order to give you a good idea of how our trip went, I will just pretend that we are still traveling.
We arrived safely, but very early in the morning in Frankfurt. They were really careful when they off loaded us and we were taken to the "Fragile cargo" section - hmmm - not quite the first class counter, I must say, but at least mum and all the other humans were already there to greet us. Onto the trolley and off to custom...
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Our trip to the Agility World Championships - part 1

Posted by Lollie on Sunday, September 13, 2009,


I know it has been much too long, but in all honesty you cannot even start to imagine how busy our lives have been in recent weeks. It honestly does not take a rocket scientist to work out that mum had something special planned for us. And today it was here – the day we left to go to the Agility World Championships. Oh boy! What excitement.  That this is all very special was not hard to guess. Mum was so nervous for the last 2 days like I don’t think I have ever seen her.

Really she...

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So many titles, so little space

Posted by Lollie on Wednesday, August 12, 2009,

Oh what a life I am having lately. Chippy, Quincy and I have been away again. This time even longer - a whole 5 days and the days were packed full of Agility and Dog Jumping. I mean packed FULL. Even I was tired in the evenings.

According to mum this was yet another big deal competition weekend, and Chippy and I won, well, maybe not all, but definitely all the big prizes.

First off I managed to get another piece of paper for mum by winning the Dog Jumping, and she says I am now a Double Cham...
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Julie's workshop

Posted by Lollie on Friday, July 31, 2009,

Here is me with my WCFO medals and qualifying ribbons and the rosettes for winning the Dog Jumping.

Of course this picture really belongs to the previous post. But until mum get's things done ... you know what I mean.

So, today I will tell you about last weekend, which was really cool.
Mum and I attended Julie Flanery's workshops. She was here all the way from the USA!- A whole day just training and being out and about with mum - it was heaven. I went for 1 and 1/2 days and I agreed that Chippy ...
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WODAC - World of Dogs and Cats Expo

Posted by Lollie on Tuesday, July 21, 2009,
Hellllooooooo fans

Well, I tell you, we had a weekend like never before. Friday, Saturday and Sunday mum, Allez, Cassie, Quincy and of course myself spent all day at a huge exhibition and we were having fun the whole weekend.
Allez and I were doing Dog Jumping and Agility as well as Freestyle. It was my first proper competition and I am telling you, we should have done this a long time ago. I am so excited to give you all the details, I don't even know where to start.
Mum was terribly busy the p...
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Bad news

Posted by Lollie on Saturday, July 4, 2009,

this time round I have some bad news.
My brother managed to break his toe and is in heavy bandage.
No, of course he can't remember what happened, and nobody else knows either, but one minute he was fine, the next he was on 3 legs.
This will throw him really back in his training, and I will be so much better than him at the World Champs - he really could have done with some serious work in these weeks, instead he is being molly-coddled by mum. Mum of course is devastated, even though the Vet t...
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Posted by Lollie with the diamond studded collar on Monday, June 22, 2009,
I am so tired, but I just have to tell you a little about this weekend.
You have no idea where we went. We went to see our Fairy Godmother. Mum says we are very priviledged to have a Fairy Godmother, and she knows of no other dog who has. In fact she says, that as far as she knows FGM only exist in fairy tales ... but Chippy and me, we are so very special, we even have that. Just after we were born she sent us our first presents - we got a whole box of puppy gifts. The box was MUCH bigger then...
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SA Agility Champs and selection for the AWC

Posted by Lollie on Saturday, June 6, 2009, In : Lollie 2009 
Boy oh boy have I got lots to tell you.

I can't hold myself back any longer ..... WE MADE IT, WE MADE IT, WE MADE IT ..... Chippy and I will both be on the Medium Team at the Agility World Championships. I am soooo excited .... Mum has been trying to tell me about it, and I must admit, I don't fully understand, but I do understand one thing, and that is that Chippy and I will be travelling with mum for more than a week - just the 3 of us and that in itself will be so much fun.
I have decided I ...
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I am ... I am .... well, I am ALMOST another Champion

Posted by Lollie on Monday, May 18, 2009,

Ok, all of you who think they understand humans - raise your hands. Now all of you who "really" understand humans raise your hands ... and as far as I am concerned there shouldn't be a single one of you in that last category.

I mean I thought I finally grasped humans. You know, they like those little ribbons ... I even got to the stage (ghasp) that *I* liked those ribbons - mum allowed me to play tug occasionally with one, so hey, I began to think they were fun too. And then, last weekend I ...
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Wesavi Fanie Waldi

Posted by Lollie on Sunday, April 26, 2009,

Life is not fair, it really isn't.
I get little enough time to talk to you all on this blog and now I have to use my precious time to share it with the new arrival in our house. 

Welcome Fanie Waldi

Mum says I must be gracious. He was found roaming on our road by out neighbour and then rescued from going to a shelter by dad. Needless to say we tried to find his owners, phoned all the Vets in the area, the shelters, etc. etc., but nobody claimed him. How sad is that?
He is, well, here the sen...

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I made the Finals of the SA Agility Champs

Posted by Lollie on Friday, April 24, 2009,
Hi everyone

Mum was doing her little "happy dance" today. She received the invitation for the South African Agility Championships for Allez, Chippy and myself for the end of May. Of course I knew I would be invited - I mean, who wouldn't invite me? Well, mum says it is not a matter of being cute, but you have to be GOOD to get invited - so, I wonder what the problem with that is? Of course we are good!
Recently we were at a fun competition - with lots of horses around. We know horses, so it wa...
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Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Saturday, April 4, 2009,
Yes, you read right, I am now a Champion, and my official name is: Ch Wesavi LaLollita
Mum was trying to explain to me what that means. She said it just means that she found 5 people who agreed with us, that I am just the most beautiful girl they have seen - at least the most beautiful Pyrenean Shepherd girl. Quite honestly, I don't know what there is to celebrate - doesn't *everyone* think I am the most beautiful girl anyway?

Mum seems very pleased of course. It's another piece of paper she ca...
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Thank you to my friends Liz and Melissa

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Thursday, February 26, 2009,
Hi everyone

I am back!
Well, I wasn't even gone of course, just my mum, she was gone for a while - important trip she is trying to tell me, but I am not sure what could be so important that we couldn't all go with ... Anyway, she is back and things are coming back to normal.

I meant to write this some time ago already. I owe a HUGE Thank you to my 2 friends Liz and Melissa ... well, they are really mum's friends. But if it were not for them you wouldn't have any of the great pictures here on th...
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Walk in the park

Posted by Lollie on Thursday, January 15, 2009,


I said the other day that I have a lot to tell you - well, one of the things was our experience during one of our walks. We got caught in the rain, but luckily only a little, and it was really more of a pleasant shower to cool off than proper rain. What it did produce though, was the most amazing light and this wonderful rainbow, which then even became a double rainbow. It was sooooooo beautiful ... (OK, truthfully I am not sure what the whole hoo-ha was about, but mum thought it was truly ...
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More exposure for Pyreneans

Posted by Lollie on Saturday, January 10, 2009,

How exciting - 2 new events happening to showcase us to the world.
First of course is the picture above, which comes out of the current issue of "Dogs in Africa", which is the official magazine of the Kennel Union of South Africa, and of course you immediately recognized my brother Chippy (if you haven't recognized him you should have by now!) being used to promote a photographer's ad. He clearly can identify a good thing when he sees one - I am pleased.

The second great thing is that mum ha...
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New guestbook

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Monday, January 5, 2009,

Well, just when I thought the year had started off badly with no new entries and nothing going on - here is mum giving me this surprise - my very own guestbook! I think it is just fabulous and exactly what a celebrity like me needs. My picture is not the most flattering (shhhh ... don't say I said that ..... my dad took it, and it was a very hot day ....), but at times it is good to see that even the most gogeous girls can have a bit of a bad hair day.
To be honest I don't like photography m...
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A walk in Afrika

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Saturday, December 27, 2008, In : Lollie - 2008 

Lollie being attacked by a Plover


Can you believe it? - 2 posts in 1 day? Mum says she is tearing her hair out over this video stuff ... well, whatever her excuse, it suits me just fine.

What we are going to show you now is my most favourite  thing in the whole world. It is where mum takes us to walk when we are good dogs, or when she feels like running, 'cause she does some fitness training there. I wished she would do that more often, it would help with her Agility AND give us more walks.

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Learning abstract concepts

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Saturday, December 27, 2008, In : Lollie - 2008 
Hi everyone

I hope you all had a great holiday, wherever in the world you may be.
WOW, where we busy around here. Mum was running around like she had lost a whole flock of sheep - up and down and in and out and even dad was hectic. However, we had such nice food and mum is spending some extra time with us, so I suppose it is all "good" hectic.

Today mum wants to show you all how very smart I am ... really, I am not sure what the big deal is. First I know that I am smart anyway, by now I think yo...
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My first freestyle routine

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Thursday, December 18, 2008,

Hi again

I can't tell you how much there is to talk about. I have tons of news for you. I think I will spread it over several blogs though, in order to keep it easier to follow.

Well, here it FINALLY is. My first freestyle routine. Personally I think it is Championship material, but both my human and my real mum just chuckle at that. Well, I think I was brilliant.
But let me first tell you about our fantastic Christmas party. Mum and her friends from the Dancing Dog's committee organised a part...
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Centre fold

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Sunday, December 14, 2008, In : Lollie - 2008 

Centre page from "All About Dogs in Southern Africa", Nov/Dec 2008

I promised you our centrefold spread .... and here it is. No, it wasn't mum who was that quick, of course it wasn't her. She delegated to dad ...

The names we edited in so you could identify us easier. The fluffy dog on the top right is Benji BTW. I have spoken about him in my blog. He is cool and will be our big competition in the coming year.

Mum says I must come along now, we need to practise our freestyle routine for the C...
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Chippy's first job

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Saturday, December 13, 2008,

Chippy (left) and Lollie (right) during early freestyle practice

Hi again

No, no, don't worry, we haven't got any new additions to our household. Mum says that is the only "freestyle picture" she can find of Chippy or me right now. How shocking is that? That picture is 2 years old! And nobody has taken pictures of us since then?  Well, if you ask me, it is a disgrace ....

Anyway, I promised you another blog, and I really would like to know how you feel about this, because me personally, well I c...
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Weekend 6/7 December 2008

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Monday, December 8, 2008,

Hi there

well, well, well, it is hard to believe, but mum actually managed the picture upload from her cell phone.
So, here is the promised family picture and 2/3 of the total South African Pyrenean population.
Let me introduce you to: (from right to left) my brother Chippy, myself, Lollie, our mum Quincy, our dad Zen and the little human is Zen's young mum Caren (Zen has 2 human mums! Boy must that be exhausting, trying to keep an eye on everyone!).

And how was the weekend you ask? .... My mum ...
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Last week of November 2008

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Tuesday, December 2, 2008,
Hi again

This week has been so busy, busy, busy.
There were no shows on the weekend, so mum had lots of time to just take us for long walks around the dam where we can all run and also to play with us. Like this morning, where she invented a new game ... I haven't yet caught on to it, but if we play it a few more times I am sure I will. We were doing Agility mum was trying to race me to the next jump - suddenly she went flat on her tummy and was sliding forward on the wet grass. It looked ever ...
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Sunday, 23rd November 2008

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Sunday, November 23, 2008, In : Lollie - 2008 

Picture: Melissa Wilson

Hi again

I know we said I wouldn't update you every day, but we had such a great weekend, I just *have* to report back.
First off that fluffy thing up there is my brother Chippy ... ya, ya, I know, we look nothing alike, poor chap can't help it that I got the brains *and* the good looks. But he really is my brother and we are all terribly proud of him today ... boy did he kick butt at today's show! We have a class called Dog Jumping here, which runs over 2 rounds. That is...

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Saturday, 21.11.2008 - Best of the Best

Posted by Gaby Grohovaz on Saturday, November 22, 2008,

Picture: Melissa Wilson

My mum says today was very special - the first of my "Big  Competitions" (whatever that may be). She was so terribly pleased with me. We got one of those ribbons and it says "second" - she really likes those ribbons, my mum. Very odd. I live in a family of weird creatures. My brother Chippy loves sticks and my mum likes those coloured ribbons. Good thing at least I am sane!

Let me explain to you what really happened.
My friend Allez (who also got a ribbon today ... mum...
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Star Struck

I don't really like to brag about other people, but today is an exception. You probably know by now what a famous mum I have - I mean my *real* mum Quincy. She is a movie star and *everyone* knows her. It is a bit of a pain going out with her, since people stop and want to chat to my human mum about Quincy all the time. It's "oh" and "ah" and all these silly cooing noises humans make ... I don't really mind the noises, but couldn't they make them to *ME*? So yes, going out with Quincy is not one of my favorite past times. However, today I am really proud of her. She did another TV commercial recently, and it has just been voted: "The hottest ad of the week on Cape Talk’s Adfeature show" and Quincy is the star of the ad - she doesn't just have a little role - she really is the star!

Just in case you don't know Cape Talk is a big deal radio station here in South Africa - I mean really *BIG DEAL* (well, you don't expect us to get excited about a mention on a *little* radio station do you?).

So we are all celebrating. Us dogs got a super-duper bone each and mum is having a glass of bubbly (have you ever put your nose into a glass of that stuff? - Yikes - I would suggest you don't even try! It is awful. I can not understand what mum does with it).

I have stuck the important piece of the podcast here for you to listen to ... Oh yes, we even had a podcast of the announcement, I *told* you it was a big deal.

We are off to another show tomorrow, can't wait, it has been a bit boring here lately.

Great weekend to all

Love you


What a Weekend ...

We had such a great weekend - well *I* had. Mum is now exhausted, and Chippy, well Chippy didn't do so well, but we knew that all along that I would be the star of this family.

We went to an Agility competition on Friday - mum says it was just a *small* competition, but hey, everything counts - right?

I just blew everyone away - 1-2-3 just like that, I won all 3 of the competitions mum and I entered. Mum says she is very pleased with me. I think she actually did a pretty good job herself this time round (no funny manouvers that we collided). Especially the Dog Jumping (remember, that is the one where you need to go clear in the first round and then you go to the Jump-Off). I beat Ricki by 1,5 seconds! Mum says Ricki is the best "non-large" dog in South Africa at the moment ... I beg your pardon? WHO is the Best if I just beat him????

Mum says we still need to work on our weave poles, but I have no idea what she is complaining about. 

Chips, well he had a few steering problems and was a bit off ... I think maybe I will have a chat to him.

Allez also did quite well and won one class and was second in the other.


And then on Saturday we went to do a Freestyle demo - yes me too :-). Oh, I was sooooo cool on my saddle - of course the silly kids wanted to know where the horse was ... they have no imagination - non ...

Everyone thought Chippy in his pram was great ... I think the saddle is better, but I suppose the pram is also cute. Mum and Allez practised their new routine and Allez did really well - wow, I want to be like her one day.

And today, well today mum said the weather was miserable (hey, it was great, all overcast with a bit of rain, not too hot, I love this weather, but humans always complain about the weather have you noticed that?). Anyway, mum thought it was "stay at home" weather. There wasn't much to do - supervise all the dogs a bit, check the property with dad, but it was really a little boring. Just nice that everyone was together I suppose.

We are going to have a really busy month coming up. I will try and keep updating you as often as I can.


Love you XXXX



 Hi - May I introduce myself?

My name is "Funny Waldi"

About Me

Lollie Hi I am Lollie, a grey Pyrenean Sheepdog. I was born on 31. August 2006. I live with my brother, our mum and another 5 dogs on a farm in Africa. Our "human mum" believes we all need a job, and I fully agree. I am always busy bossing everyone around - I don't think "Mum" has that in mind when she talks about a "job" though. Her idea of a job is to play Agility, which I like, but she is terribly slow, and I have to keep reminding her to run faster. I bark and bark and bark, and sometimes she gets the message - it is very hard to train humans .... She also likes to dance with me - she calls it freestyle, but what do you call it when you move to music? I call it "dancing". Anyway, let her call it what she likes. We also need to do Obedience stuff. I love the heelwork part, but then she keeps throwing things away which she expects me to fetch for her - who does she think I am? Anyway, Chippy (that is my brother) brings everything back, so let him fetch it. Well, everyday life is busy when you live on a farm. In the mornings Chippy and I go out with our human dad ... sigh ... that is another case of "difficult training object". He is soooo slow. I have actually given up trying to make him run at all. Usually I just check that everything is in order and then I go back to the house again, it is just too boring standing around with dad. Later on Wedwo, that is mum's horse, comes down to the paddock - yep, he definitely needs to be exercised and told where to go and graze. The cheeky thing is starting to ignore me now, so I have to hang from his tail ... Mum says she will try to get a picture (don't get me started on pictures though ....) well, that is all about me right now. If you are interested in following my daily blog ... oops mum says it won't be daily ... :-( come back and visit. Yours Lollie


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